@ the Table: Episode 1

July 08, 2021 BedtimeGamers
@ the Table: Episode 1
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[FROM THE ARCHIVES...We recorded this back in May before Ezra came along and never got around to publishing it until now!]

Welcome to the FIRST EVER episode of BedtimeGamers "@ The Table"! It's our new tabletop/board game centric podcast! We decided it might be better to have a more focused podcast on gaming centered at the table! 

  • Back to the Table! 00:01:07
  • Blood on the Clocktower Impressions: 00:03:15
  • Rising Sun First Impressions: 00:20:08
  • Does Everdell Deserve the Hype: 00:46:41
  • Stardew Valley: The Board Game Impressions: 01:02:00
  • Table Tip!: 01:15:34

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Back to the Table!
Blood on the Clocktower Impressions
Rising Sun First Impressions
Does Everdell Deserve the Hype?
Stardew Valley: The Board Game Impressions
Table Tip!