Episode 33: Those Were Announcements

March 01, 2021 BedtimeGamers
Episode 33: Those Were Announcements
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In this episode, Shawn and Emily discuss their introduction to potty training, which probably explains why they needed the escape into more Stardew Valley over the past week. They also share their takes on recent gaming announcements, including the Nintendo Direct, Pokémon Presents, and Playstation State of Play.

  • Checking In and Updates: 00:00:48
  • Stardew Valley: 00:18:01
  • PlayStation's State of Play: 00:29:42
  • 2/17 Nintendo Direct: 00:37:22
  • Pokémon Presents- D/P Remakes, Legends: 00:59:50
  • Recommendation: Frenemies: 01:21:31

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Checking In and Updates
Stardew Valley
PlayStation's State of Play
2/17 Nintendo Direct
Pokémon Presents - D/P Remakes, Legends
Emily's Recommendation: Frenemies