Episode 30: The Return

January 18, 2021 BedtimeGamers
Episode 30: The Return
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Bedtime Gamers is back after a long hiatus! Emily and Shawn sit around and discuss the changes coming to the podcast format, what they've been playing, and their hopes for gaming in 2021! 

  • Harper Update: 00:01:24
  • Podcast Updates: 00:06:55
  • What We've Been Playing 00:15:10
  • Nintendo Year In Review: 00:41:46
  • Gaming Hopes for 2021: 00:49:21
  • Recommendation: Haikyu!: 01:08:39

Note: Sorry Emily is so quiet this episode! Sound will be better next time!

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Harper Update
Podcast Updates
What We've Been Playing
Nintendo Year In Review
Gaming Hopes for 2021
Recommendation: Haikyu!