Ep. 29: Mario Sus

October 02, 2020 BedtimeGamers
Ep. 29: Mario Sus
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In this episode, Emily is back and joined by Shawn for a big week of discussions! They discuss the PS5 Showcase, Next Gen Preorders, Xbox buying Bethesda, and their first impressions of Super Mario 3D All Stars. They then talk about how much fun they've been having playing board games virtually and suspect everyone as the impostors in Among Us!

  • Harper Update- 00:00:59
  • We Started Lovecraft Country- 00:05:28
  • PS5 Showcase- 00:10:00
  • Xbox Bought Bethesda- 00:25:18
  • Pre-Order Nightmares- 00:29:22
  • Super Mario 3D All Stars Impressions- 00:37:35
  • Digital Board Game Time- 00:52:53
  • We're Hooked on Among Us- 01:05:58
  • Weekly Rec: Take a Deep Breath - 01:17:13

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Harper Update
We Started Watching Lovecraft Country
PS5 Showcase
Xbox Bought Bethesda!?
Pre-Order Nightmares
Super Mario 3D All Stars Impressions
Digital Board Game Time
We're Hooked on Among Us
Recommendation: Take a Deep Breath