Night School Ep.3: D&D - Being a DM

February 13, 2020 BedtimeGamers
Night School Ep.3: D&D - Being a DM
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Welcome to BedtimeGamer’s newest addition to our podcast content, Night School, where we dive into everything you need to know about a specific topic in the nerd world. Our first series is all about getting started with RPGs, focusing specifically on Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition.

In this episode of Night School: D&D series, Shawn, Emily, Austin, and Drew are joined by Shawn's brother, Kevin, to discuss the ins and outs of being a Dungeon Master. The DM is basically the referree and rulemaster of Dungeons & Dragons, but they are much more than that! We discuss how the DM is integral for a fun experience, drafting a story that entices their players and pivoting to continue to progress the story when needed. Austin, Drew, and Kevin draw on their experiences as DMs, while the group at large discusses what they enjoy from their DM and tips for any would-be DM listeners to help you get started!

Episode Content

  • Introductions - 00:00:14
  • The role of the DM- 00:01:30
  • Who should DM - 00:02:41
  • What you need to DM - 00:08:22
  • How do you choose a campaign? - 00:16:26
  • Prep work: how much and how to - 00:22:17
  • Tips for starting to DM - 00:31:00
  • Our favorite DM / campaign moments - 00:42:55
  • Listener questions: 00:55:40
  • Recommended resources - 1:05:50
The role of the DM
Who should DM?
What you need to DM
How to choose a campaign
Prep work: how much and how to
Tips for starting to DM
Our favorite DM/campaign moments
Listener questions
Recommended resources