Ep. 17: Toss a Coin to Your Venusaur

January 15, 2020 BedtimeGamers
Ep. 17: Toss a Coin to Your Venusaur
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Shawn and Emily discuss what they've been playing recently, Nintendo's Pokemon Direct, their experience at PAX: Unplugged, and what they are looking forward to at the first ever Escape Winter Con. 

  • Harper Update - 0:47
  • What We've Been Playing - 2:49
  • Nintendo's Pokemon Direct Review - 31:04
  • PAX: Unplugged Recap - 39:06
  • What we are excited for with Escape Winter Con - 50:44

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Intro - Morning Routine by Ghostrifter Official | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

Harper Update
What We've Been Playing
Nintendo's Pokemon Direct Recap
Our Experience at PAX: Unplugged
Our Hopes for Escape Winter Con